Game distribution ecosystem,
evolved and simplified.. .

Transparently connecting gamers, developers and influencers.

Coming to the internet near you Q3 2019

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Different Ownership

Resell games activated on the platform to other gamers when you’re done playing. Likewise, buy pre-owned game keys from others. What’s more, you can rent games for a limited period of time.

Different Discovery

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, you are presented with game suggestions based on your, and others, unique preferences and gaming habits. The more you play, the better it fits.

Devs & Publishers

Different Distribution

The Platform takes an essential 20% cut from game sales to cover the cost of distributing your game on the platform. This leaves 80% revenue to the developer with some marketing activities already covered.

Different Marketing

With Different Distribution model, 5% of each game copy you sell gets allocated as a budget for rewarding your influencers. The platform takes care of revenue distribution between parties. All transparent, thanks to real-time data tracking system.


Different Tracking

Different tracks multiple relations. If given user was referred to the platform by two or more influencers over given period of time, the revshare resulting from this user's purchases is spread proportionally between three most recently involved influencers (80% / 15% / 5%).

Different Management

Influencers are supplied with a real-time, data fueled dashboard. You have access to the following: Selecting date ranges for displayed stats, total earnings, revshare split for each game you promoted, stats for specific promo links, banners and more.